We  have come a long way since 1975 where shelters euthanized 13.5 million animals,  it was because of promoting spay & neuter for our pets that we have reduced euthanasia by 75%, NOT by anything Nathan Winograd has done! http://www.libraryindex.com/pages/2206/Pets-SHELTERS-POUNDS-EUTHANASIA.html The  reality is: There are 70 no-kill shelters following the no-kill equation and according to ASPCA there are 5,000 private shelters overall =1.5% no-kill shelters. These no-kill shelters are failing miserably by turning away animals to unknown fates. The reality is: 200 no-kill communities out of 38,141 communities total =.5 % served. 3-4 million animals are killed a year at shelters. The majority animals killed at shelters are the hardest to place: 2.3 million adult cats & 900,000 pit bull type dogs are killed a year. We have an overpopulation of adult cats & pit bull type dogs and you can’t force the public to adopt these animals. And for Mr. Winograd to blame shelters for the preferences of the general public is criminal. According to ASPCA: it’s estimated there are 90 million un-owned cats in America, about 2 percent are sterilized.  You need to factor this number into your math equation too: In ONE DAY & EVERYDAY over 733,000 puppies are advertised online by breeders. It’s very hard for adult cats and pit-bull type dogs to compete with those odds stacked against them. We need to spay and neuter and limit breeding for no kill to work for all animals.
Nathan Winograd uses dangerous rhetoric that kills shelter pets by denying pet overpopulation. It gives the general public the wrong impression that it’s not necessary to fix your pet. It also encourages people to overlook shelter pets & buy from a breeder instead. Mr. Winograd thinks there is an adopter for every stray animal & we don’t need to decrease the population of cats & dogs being born. Mr. Winograd spends most of his time disparaging the most effective animal groups: HSUS, PETA, ASPCA. I think No-kill leader, Peter Marsh has a more effective plan & has been proven to work in New Hampshire and is considered a no-kill state. He admits we have a pet overpopulation crisis and we can’t adopt our way out of this mess. Mr. Marsh says we need to actively seek out the people that can’t afford to spay & neuter their pets that’s creating 80% of the pet overpopulation. This is top priority to STOP the faucet of pet overpopulation so animals don’t end up in shelters in the first place. http://www.shelteroverpopulation.org/
Caught on camera, 4 no-kill shelters that are following the no-kill equation turning away animals:
1.Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, Charlottesville, VA
2.  Fluvanna SPCA, Troy, VA
3.  Humane Society of Williamson County, Leander, Texas
4.  Tompkins County SPCA, Ithaca, NY